The Phoenix Dream Center

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach in and mine the incredible potential that we believe lies within the lives of at-risk youth, the homeless, and needy families of our community by restoring hope and allowing them to dream again.

How We Carry Out The Mission

Founded in 2006, City Help Inc. of Phoenix dba The Phoenix Dream Center is a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides Community Engagement assistance to over 40,000 individuals each month and Life Recovery housing and program services to over 1,100 people each year. Many of the people we serve in our community have been homeless, addicted, incarcerated, victims of sex trafficking, or have aged out of the foster care system.  Our goal is to provide services and support that seek to address the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs these individuals face.

Our mission is expressed primarily in 4 Key Areas of Service – Community Engagement, Addiction Recovery, Human Trafficking, and Foster Care. We believe that hope can be restored despite any life circumstances and that, no matter what an individual has been through, it is possible to dream again.

The budget for this project is $25,000