Canyon State Academy

Canyon State Academy was founded in 1948 to help at-risk children and adolescents to develop self-respect and self-confidence while providing vital social, educational and vocational skills to help them become productive young adults. Today it has revised its program to offer academic, career and technical training, athletics, and evidence-based treatment curricula to give at-risk youth opportunities to improve their lives. It has become an innovative and an effective treatment program for youth.

Their academy works with an Academic Model for all children. First, they provide safety through caring relationships, qualified and trained staff, fostering a culture where students can learn. They also provide resolution-based skills to deal with problems. They identify assessments to help each student identify student needs and strengths to develop their intrinsic motivation to change. Finally, through proven cognitive skills they help students develop skill to overcome aggression, disruptive behavior and heal traumatic events in their lives.

How A Functioning Farm Can Help

Having an urban farm helps students realize different potentials that will improve their lives by raising and sustaining a farm. An urban farm helps students with business development, management and operational skills that will help them after they leave. Additionally, we will also be providing them with important landscape and irrigation instruction to guide them into this growing field of interest.

The campus is in Queen Creek, 30 miles southeast of Phoenix and has a perfect area for a small, productive farm.

This project enables students to participate in their health and wellness program. It provides activities to ensure healthy minds and bodies.

What Will Go Into the CSA’s Farm

Agave Farms would like to help by providing the education along with the Ready-Go-Garden Kits, planting fruit trees, providing a functioning water source, a rose garden, a vineyard, and provide an area to relax and enjoy the growing garden. There will be renderings, showing details of the plan at the fundraiser.