UMOM Day Centers

UMOM is an organization that works to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique and individual needs of each family and individual.

Founded in 1964, the facility is in Phoenix, AZ and is an innovative provider of shelter, housing and services for people experiencing homelessness.

Every night we provide safe shelter and supportive services for over 170 homeless families. We also offer nearly 300 units of affordable housing across the Valley, each with special program centers for residents.

UMOM is making an impact in the community and has helped parents find 275 jobs through our employment services. We also helped 1850 people find permanent housing. 761 youth got the help they needed through Tumbleweed, a service at UMOM. 434 households exited UMOM for permanent housing last year. We also have served 183 veterans in the UMOM programs.

Partnering with Agave Farms will benefit the UMOM programs providing nutritional food and educational programs through the Ready Go Bag Systems at our facility. Residents will learn how to grow food and will be able to harvest it through this program. The bags will allow residents the opportunity to focus on how to grow their own food when they have permanent housing and will help them with future food stability.


Budget for this project is $15,000