CPLC De Colores

CPLC De Colores serves our community by providing support to survivors of domestic violence and their children. Our Case Managers work with our clients to find stable housing, becoming financially independent, and assist clients with personal development. The shelter also hosts a youth program that ensures the success of youth academically and with personal growth while at the shelter.

Once the garden is in place, our clients can have the ability to understand the importance of contributing to their own food stability. The gardening program assists in educating our clients on how soil, seed selection, and what the necessary planting requirements are to contribute to their own food stability. They will be able to grow the food and harvest the items of the garden. After learning the basics of gardening at the shelter, then they have the option to provide this for their own homes.

Understanding the nutritional value of the food they grow will also provide them with options to have nutritional food through the knowledge they have gained. Having access to these nutrient intense foods, helps them to see that they don’t have to have a lot of money to purchase and enjoy them. They can experience the vitality to fresh, locally grown food.

These gardens will be particularly important to the youth program as they learn about food systems and how they can contribute to their own food stability. The food grown that they have harvested will be prepared for them to enjoy and for them to feel accomplished in what they set out to do.

Working in our gardens will also provide a revered space for contemplation, and peaceful reflection. Having this valuable space during these stressful times of their lives will contribute greatly to our own mission and will enhance their personal strength.

We are proud to collaborate with Agave Farms on implementing a shelter garden for both survivors of domestic violence and their children. The garden will provide further empowering activities for our clients to participate in during their stay at our shelter.

Budget for this project is $15,000