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Urban Farm Education

Agave Farms started in 2015 and has since become a great place to learn about urban farming and sustainability. It has been our mission to work with non-profit groups to teach and help develop agricultural systems and gardening. At Agave Farms we now host several community gardens for charitable organizations such as Native HealthThe International Rescue Committee, Phoenix Coding Academy, Phoenix Central High School and neighborhood schools. We are also currently working to start a pilot program for Arizona to become a training center for teachers who can teach school children about sustainable agriculture.

In addition to working on Agave’s physical site on Central Avenue we knew we had to have outreach programs in other Urban areas in Arizona. In 2018 we began doing outreach by helping Thrive AZ and Grace Lutheran Church build their gardens on their sites. 

We realized we were limited by our own physical boundaries and that there is a need for these gardens and as a result of this outreach we recently have started a non profit 501C3 called Urban Farm Education (UFE) as an outcome of working with other nonprofits, schools and churches in our community with the goal of building gardens ideally in conjunction with schools or food kitchens. For 2019 our goal is to work with existing charitable groups and schools at their facilities. The organizations that we have chosen to work with include disadvantaged children and families that are subject to homelessness, or food scarcity. According to the “Map the Meal Gap” there are 585,000 people which is more than 14% of our population in Maricopa County with food insecurity. Food insecurity exists in every county and congressional district in the country, but not everyone struggling with hunger qualifies for federal nutrition assistance. Our mission is to teach urban gardening to underprivileged groups and children so they can learn how to grow and sustain food supply with good nutrition.

We have designed the Ready Go Garden Kit and created cost estimates to develop specific budgets for each project. The organizations we are hoping to raise funds and build these gardens for are: Agave Farms; Canyon State AcademyThe Espiritu School; CPLC De Colores; Thrive AZ;  and UMOM New Day Centers


We need your help to assist, teach and help them build an urban farm onsite. We would love the opportunity to have you join us in raising funds and to learn more about the charitable organizations we are sponsoring on Saturday, March 30th. Please click on the nonprofit dinner to register! Each nonprofit organization will be there with sponsors to answer any questions you have about their cause and the proposed projects.

At the event itself we have a Blues Band that has played 4 times at the MIM an has been inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame and a 6-piece Jazz Band. We are featuring Executive Chef Brett Vibber who is providing us with an amazing dinner! Guests from the agriculture industry will be there talking about seeds, farming soils and fertilizer, bees, chickens, and ways to help our children get more involved with gardening. Finally, we will be greeted by the Phoenix Astrological Society (PAS) to do a star gaze. Please consider sponsoring a table for our fundraising event at the farm. A platinum table seating 12 people is $1,200, a gold table seating 10 is $1,000 and a silver table seating 8 people is $800 and individual dinners are $45. This covers the cost of the dinner. We need your help fund these projects. You can volunteer time, money and or equipment and materials.

Thank you for helping us to continue with our goal of being a Keystone for Urban Agriculture in Arizona.